Wedding cake assembly hacks

Most boxed cake mixes have directions for baking in one 9" round pan. But what if you want to bake in a square pan? Or, what if your favorite chocolate cake recipe needs to be turned into a large cake for a wedding? There are simple steps to determining the batter capacity for baking pans.

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This changed my life. How to bake a cake with a flat top (just put a larger cake pan on top of it like a lid)

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The Do's and Don'ts of Freezing Cakes. Curious on how to freeze cakes? Read this guide and pin it under your cooking baking tips.

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Wedding cake serving chart..This is just a guide

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If you want to create a more elegant look, go with round grocery store cakes and put them on pretty cake stands. | This Grocery Store Cake Hack Is Borderline Genius

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