Animal Research Websites for Kids

Got animal research on your mind? Click through to find a FREE interactive PDF bibliography by The Library Patch. Each website picture is hyper-linked.

B-Inspired Mama's Top Picks for Educational Websites for Kids

The Best Educational Websites for Kids

Are you looking for educational websites that your kid can access easily? Do you worry  reading the article here will help.

15 Useful Educational Websites For Kids

If you're looking for a fun game or quiz to help your child learn at the same time, this infographic presents the best 5 educational websites for kids.

Best Social Studies Apps for Kids- my favorite is the geography app to learn the states

100 of the BEST Apps, YouTube Channels & Websites for Kids!

This is a list of 100 social studies apps/websites/resources for kids. If one of them pertains to a specific unit/lesson you can have the students play/explore the content. You could also have them play these social studies games in their free time.

math websites for kids - guided math station

math websites for kids - guided math station When my kids are allowed to use computer time, this is a great source to have to be able to give them more reliable websites.