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Website Spell Checker

Why a spell checker should be the best friend of every business. Nottingham, PR, agency, blog, PR company, PR agency, grammer, spelling | Cartwright Communications

78 Commonly Misspelled Words -- Might need this to check before I hit that save button... -- from Writers Write


15 Most Misspelled Words in English~ Be honest, how many of these STILL make you stop and think? Quiz your students on these words. Anyone who gets 100% is probably already using Spell Check, and all the others will have proof that they should be!


10 Best Alternatives To Adobe Dreamweaver

Bluefish is free, open source, compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, and Unix systems. There is no WYSIWYG editor feature and you cannot do shared editing. Multiple browsers are useful to check work. However it is similar to Dreamweaver's support for developing HTML, XHTML, CSS, etc, and in addition it supports Google Go, Vala, ColdFusion, Ruby and Shell. It has auto-recovery of changes after a crash as well as a FTP upload, server-side scripting, spell checker and page preview feature.

Paper Rater is a webtool that offers a robust grammar checker to find mistakes and correct them. It can also check to see if a students paper contains plagiarized text. This is a wonderful tool for the classroom and it is easy to use as well.


Why I Pay To Use An Online Grammar And Spell Checker via @derekhaines