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Peg Solitaire Game online. A peg can only move by jumping over and adjacent peg. Move until only one peg is left. Play Free Fun Solitaire Web Games.


Tomb Chess Game Online. In this online chess-like game you need to clear the graveyard of your opponent's ghouls. Play Free Tomb Chess Web Games.

The Hare and the Tortoise Game Online. In the fairy tale, the diligent tortoise could beat the lazy rabbit and win the race. Play Free The Bunny and the Turtle Web Game.

Play Three Little Pigs Home Defense Game online. Blast your opponents tower to pieces to get to next level. Free Blast Towers Web Games.

Lion Kiss Game Online. A young lion couple has fallen in love are in mood for kissing. Play Free Kissing Lions Web Game.

Rapid Turtle Game Online. Beat other turtle racers and become the fastest turtle of all time. Play Free Rapid Turtle Web Game.

Panda Runner Game Online. The magical idols are bewildering to the curious ape. Play Free Panda Runner Web Game.

StuntHamster Game Online. Shoot the hamster out of the cannon and fire him during his flight to hit a new highscore. Play Free StuntHamster Web Game.

Find the Black Sheep Game Online. Find the wolf which is dressed as a sheep. Play Free Find the Black Sheep Web Game.