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Weather underground chicago

The Chicago Sun-Times has compiled a list of domestic bombings since 1886. Included in the list are two by Bill Ayers’ former group, the Weather Underground. In 2001 Ayres told the New York Times he is sorry they did not do more! They claimed responsibility for more than 30 bombings! Ayers and his fellow former terrorist wife, Bernardine Dohrn, are close friends of President Obama.

Chicago, Illinois (60654) Conditions & Forecast | Weather Underground

Weather Underground splits from SDS in Chicago and begins "Days of Rage" protests

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WunderPhoto "Sunrise at Montrose Beach" by billeguerriero, taken 3/12/15 in chicago, IL, US - found on Weather Underground App

A group of young radicals donning protective headgear at the Days of Rage protest in Chicago,1969.