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The series Broken Houses by Ofra Lapid, is based on photographs of abandoned structures neglected by man and destroyed by the weather. The photographs are found on the internet and used to create small scale models. Afterward the models are photographed again, omitted from their background and placed in gray.


Model plastic model community post [MG-Modelers Gallery] Gundam | AFV | diorama | - GM cold weather model: sniper type

from Atlas Obscura

NAM, the Little Weather Model That Could


Daredevil lightning photographer

The idea of coming face to face with a violent electrical storm may strike fear into the hearts of many, but one photographer has made it his mission to get as close to the action as possible. Using his skill as a professional meteorologist, the Slovenian photographer is able to follow weather model maps and analyze meteorological data in order to predict the best location to shoot.


Hurricane Joaquin Forecast: Why U.S. Weather Model Has Fallen Behind

Hurricane Joaquin Forecast: Why U.S. Weather Model Has Fallen Behind -