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It's 73 degrees in the Mid-Atlantic today. Tomorrow it will snow.Computer model projection showing the misery index as wind-driven snow hit the Northeast U.S. on Feb. 9 2016. By Andrew Freedman2017-02-08 18:03:17 UTC If you live in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast get ready for an acute case of weather whiplash. On Wednesday in Washington D.C. a 117-year-old temperature record was broken as temperatures surged past 70 degrees which is nearly unheard of for early February. This came on the…

NBC2 First Alert Forecast: Wednesday - WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral & Naples, Florida

<3 Wednesday, February 01, 2017 ~ Southern California weather forecast - Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, Ventura County | ~ It's nice to have a REAL Winter this season, as in previous years we've not had any substancial rain, and it seems to have been warmer! <3

Mayor to speak at Habitat prayer breakfast May 31 Mayor Mark Holland will be the keynote speaker for the Heartland Habitat for Humanity 2013 Faith in Community Prayer Breakfast. more »

Incredible sight forms when dust storm and rain clouds combine over Indian ocean - PhotoBlog

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Damaged dam threatens northern California townsCalifornians who... Damaged dam threatens northern California towns Californians who were ordered to evacuate due to a threat from the tallest dam in the United States can now return home after state crews working around the clock reinforced a drainage channel that was weakened by heavy rain. Officials had ordered 188000 people living down river from the Oroville Dam to evacuate on Sunday and reduced that to an evacuation warning on Tuesday…

Northern Virginia Weather: Warmer Wednesday, But Snow in Extended Forecast

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