We are told over and over again to love each other. Now, start doing it!

Heyy guys! :))) I am grateful and overwhelmed by all of my active TEEN COLLAB members love you all you make Pinterest a better place for me! Thank you for all your pins and hope we could get closer with each other especially to the new members! Support other pinners by LIKING their pins on the board and happy pinning! -Kamille :)

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*Baby.. I"m so sleepy.. may I go to sleep? Talk to you more tomorrow. I love you sweet heart.. Our talk tonight is.. amazing.. Get yourself some rest ❤

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Be optimistic. You have nothing to fear from another woman. Ever. You didn't the last fifteen years and you will never have to suffer that insecurity. All we need is one chance to look into each other's eyes and see all the love and triumph over our fear of this. I pick tonight as the night where Christmas comes early

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