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Another Reason To Save Earth-Chan by james-foxblood - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Good thing to keep in mind for the future. My cat, Reign, would pitch a fit but that’s definitely going to get the job done.

10 Fresh Memes Today!#2 Different cultures, Same drawer

Fashion memes: The right dress. Different cultures, Same drawer. Funny games store The only one chart that makes sense! Choosing the right way Only logical explanation for guy with saggy pants. Kitty prison The best time at school.

Or better yet, not getting out of bed to go outside and feed cattle in the first place

And curling up in my blankets and going back to sleep

Tsukki in the back, Yams in red, Tanaka's sister driving, Tsukki's brother on top

Draw the squad: Kai, Paya, Fung and Gahri pose

I LOVE THESE 'DRAW YOUR SQUAD' THINGS! So Imma put a squad in there. Driver is gonna be Crimson, the one in shotgun is gonna be Ticci Toby, Havoc is sittin in the back and Offenderman is going to be taped onto the roof

Wow. This shit is unbelievable.  So when men say "but men get raped too!" They literally disregard it in the same way as they would if it was a woman. Smh men don't even care about each other nowadays just themselves

Men's Rights Activist and Anti-Feminists aren't shit. The only people I've seen support Kapp are feminists, so don't come at me with any "Feminists hate men!

28 Plain Hilarious Quotes They’re tough, right? That sweet feeling. So there you go. And let’s be honest, not the gym. How time flies. Gotta get used to it, I guess. What was it? It just jumped into my cart. We all have our ways. Fair trade? Uh..that dread. Here’s to another year of you. …

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This is the only way you find out someone is a fake gamer  Video Game Meme, Gaming Meme, Funny Gaming

This is the only way you find out someone is a fake gamer 😂 Video Game Meme, Gaming Meme, Funny Gaming

A great way to get fired if that's what you want.

Haha, thankfully I love my job and don't consider it hell. Well, atleast not most days lol

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28 Fresh Memes To Make You Laugh