Wavelet transform

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International Journal on Cryptography and Information Security (IJCIS) ISSN : 1839 - 8626 http://wireilla.com/ijcis/index.html A SECURE COLOR IMAGE STEGANOGRAPHY IN TRANSFORM DOMAIN http://wireilla.com/papers/ijcis/V3N1/3113ijcis03.pdf ABSTRACT Steganography is the art and science of covert communication. The secret information can be concealed in content such as image, audio, or video. This paper provides a novel image steganography technique to hide both image and key…

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Discrete Wavelet Transform : A Signal Processing Approach (Hardcover) (D. Sundararajan)

Efficient Algorithms for Discrete Wavelet Transform: With Applications to Denoising and Fuzzy Inference Systems

Download free The Illustrated Wavelet Transform Handbook: Introductory Theory and Applications in Science Engineering Medicine and Finance pdf

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