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I can verify this statement. I read one paragraph and that's all it took me to decide it was actually garbage (and not because of the smut). 50 shades is an example of mediocre fanfiction. GO AND READ THE EXCELLENT ONES. It gives fanfiction a bad name.

C'est moi quand un ou une idiot(e) dit que Thomas Brodie-Sangster n'est pas beau. J'ai soudainement envie de lui écraser la tête sur le mur le plus proche après lui avoir fait bouffer ses cheveux. Désolé.

Préférences & Imagines [TMR/TST]

Newt: Back away. Thomas: Since when? Me: Since I first got here. Thomas: And when was that? Me: Way before you showed up. ( newt gives me life :')))) )

This part, gosh he's so funny, I want to be friends with him for a day, just a day- is that too much to ask???

danisnotonfire- Dan Howell -THE POWER NAP- "Can you please get murdered on a different road. I'm trying to film.

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jimin has to kiss taehyung as a punishment!