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Легкость и динамика в работах керамиста и художницы Niharika Hukku

1898 - hELLO LOVE I MISS YOU SO MUCH i miss talking about driving and school and klfj;j;alkfj it was so nice having someone my age to rant about junior year with bc honestly it sucked majorly so thank you for being there for that lol but youre just so amazing and kind and sweet and every chance i get to talk to you i cherish bc of your kindheartedness and positive energy much love to you ♥

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Легкость и динамика в работах керамиста и художницы Niharika Hukku

Индийская художница по керамике Нихарика Хукку (Niharika Hukku) родилась и выросла в Индии, много лет путешествовала, училась гончарному искусству и росписи у лучших художников по керамике и гончаров в Индонезии, Сингапуре и Новой Зеландии. Сейчас она живет в Сиднее, ей нравится простор и красота Австралии, где она может быть рядом с океаном и наблюдать за ним.

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Original Watercolour Abstract Landscape Painting - Lake Art - Blue - Green - Pink

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The Sky's the Limit! How to Paint the Sky In Watercolor

Skies are bound to show up in your paintings — but they're not just a background. Clouds and sky color can greatly impact the mood of your composition. Learn how to paint a partly-cloudy sky, from choosing the right colors to painting shadows on clouds and more.

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Justin Cherry (more gorgeous examples of how many colors fall into the spectrum of white and grey)

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Silver Lining Cloudy Sunset Watercolor - Signed Giclee Fine Art Print

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