Water sustainability

An idea on Tuesday: Recycling Milk Containers

Scoop your name/lid Could put kids pics on other side of the lid for younger children. Ideas for Recycling Milk Containers from An idea on Tuesday (",)

The Global Water Crisis #infographic #sustainability

Other Infographics - Water Infographic. The Global Water Crisis. The Global Water Crisis: The Invisible Threat Humanity's Future.

Teaching Kids About Pollution, Air, Land, & Water Pollution Activities, Printables, Earth Day Activities & Earth Day Ideas, Montessori, Reggio, Perfect!

Awesome Ways for Teaching Kids About Pollution

9 tips for living with less plastic - Less Plastic

9 Tips for Living with Less Plastic (infographic) (via Less Plastic UK) Make a difference with these 9 simple tips for living with less plastic, avoiding single-use plastic products will reduce your impact on plastic pollution

Easy way to incorporate water in the outdoor area. So cool and the children would have a blast.                                                                                                                                                      More

DIY Water Wall

recyled plastic bottles become a waterwall; would be fun for kids to make for outdoor library garden.

10/10 Personal Pin  This infographic is super relevant, as both Alabama and my home state of Tennessee are experiencing incredibly severe droughts. Conserving water is super important, and also a very easy way to lead a more sustainable life.

INFOGRAPHIC: 10 tips to save water in your home

INFOGRAPHIC 10 tips to save water in your home Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation Eco Architecture Green Building

Sensory play with sand and cardboard tubes

Sensory Exploration with Sand

An instance of blue in graphic design that sustains the origin of its widely recognised associations with tranquil waters. Together with the flowing lines, it delivers an aura of serenity.

"This is a poster I worked on for Transport for London. I designed and then intricately cut out all the London landmarks out of paper along two ribbons of paper. It took me a while to work out the composition and cut out every little window by hand!