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Water Mixable Oil Paints: Facts, Tips & Why I Use Them

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How to Use Acrylic Paint: Beginner's Manual for the Medium

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Everything you need to know about water #mixable #oil #paint, also called "water miscible" or "water soluble" #oils.

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Learn How to Get Started With Oil Painting Using Water-Soluble Paints

Daniel Smith Water Soluble Oils

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How to Paint Impressionist Style Paintings

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Water Soluble Oil Paints: Facts, Tips and Why I Use Them

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How to Paint Landscape Art: Water-Soluble Oil Painting Tips

Learn how to paint landscape art using water-soluble oils for great oil painting tips and techniques that leave out the solvents.


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Jill Van Sickle:mixed media paintings begin with a layer of acrylic paint, then with water soluble oils, and lastly use oil pastels. The work is then sealed with varnish. Occasionally I will add paper, metal or wood. All are done on canvas.


shadows (I know this is painted, but it would be a great charcole/drawing project)