ZenFresh Filtration Shower Head. Changed my skin, scalp, and hair! No more rash/dry skin, redness, dandruff, oily hair, etc. thanks to this bad boy!!!

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San Francisco-based startup Nebia has produced a prototype shower that it says offers a better, more immersive experience. The Nebia Shower promises up to a 70 percent reduction in water use, too.

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Cool technology that keeps you from wasting water once your shower has warmed up. Currently $21.55

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Walk in shower--i would like this to continuw though the other side and be a walk through shower.

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Get the most out of every shower with this high pressurized shower head, and it saves water!! Checkt this ---> https://www.rocketgadgets.com/products/jooe-shower-head-water-saving-high-pressurized-abs-with-chrome-handheld-shower

Vortex Water Faucet - Innovative faucet designed by Simin Qiu converts normal flow of water into a beautiful swirling pattern. Swirling faucet reduces water consumption and looks great in the bathroom.

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Finally an energy and water saving shower head that gives you a REAL shower! No mist, no jet blast, no running around to get wet.

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