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17 Easy and Fun Watermelon Recipes Perfect for Summer

Watermelon Cupcake Tower - Red cake with chocolate chip (seeds), Watermelon flavored fondant topper and green icing. This website has AMAZING cupcake ideas!

Soap Dispenser Water Mellon Design. New

Water Mellon, Soap Dispensers, Soap Dishes, Soap, Soap Holder

Want to grow square Watermelon. Yep you read it right. If you do, find a waterproof box and use it to put a small watermelon in with the lid open so the vines can grow out, takes all season but keeps pests away and makes a great square watermelon!

Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers | Melothria scabra 75 days. This 1 inch heirloom packs a lot of flavor, powerful, sweet, cucumber flavor with a tangy, citrus twist. They can grow trellised in a flower garden or cascading in a hanging basket. Toss them in a salad or use them pickled.

Watermelon Art: 20 Awesome Carvings

Heart Melon This is something simple and sweet that you can do for your loved one/s on Valentine’s Day. Buy heart shaped cookie cutters and make watermelon hearts! You can also use other melon like.

cute water mellon necklace/gold plated necklace/tiny fruit necklace by thinlight on Etsy