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When it’s hot outside, everyone wants to find a fun way to cool down. Why not play an action packed water game to let off some of that steam? Here are a list of 9 super fun water games that will definitely cool you off! Toss The Balloon Relay In this game, teams all stand [...]


If you’re looking for a great relay game, we have it for you. We introduce: Don’t Lose Your Marbles! PREP TIME- 20 Minutes ITEMS NEEDED- 5-10 Gallon Bucket with Water per Team, Small Bowl per Team, 20 Marbles (or more) per Team GAME TIME- 5-10 Minutes PARTICIPANTS- Everyone INSTRUCTIONS Before you start, fill your 5 or 10 …


Make a Giant Outdoor Kerplunk Game From Tomato Cages: Who doesn't love a game of Kerplunk? When the weather gets warm, head outside and make a giant version of the game out of tomato cages. Better yet, fill it with water balloons for some fun play. Source: Design Dazzle