Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. A thousand times better than the movie., it's a page turner

Water for Elephants

Water For Elephants - Sara Gruen : A veterinary student runs away to the circus during the depression where he encounters cruelty, friendship, love and a lemonade lovin' elephant.

Reese Witherspoon & Robert Pattinson | Water for Elephants

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Water for Elephants (film) produced by Flashpoint Entertainment and Fox 2000 Pictures was released in theaters on April 22, 2011. The film was directed by Francis Lawrence, and starred Robert Pattinson as Jacob Jankowski, Reese Witherspoon as Marlena, and Christoph Waltz as August. Hal Holbrook played the older Jacob Jankowski.

Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, and Tai portray the characters of Jacob Jankowski, Marlena Rosenbluth, and Rosie respectively in the movie "Water for Elephants". Love this film

Water for Elephants (2011)  I watched this last night for the first time. I loved it, i did have a little cry too!  Reminded me a lot of 'Moulin Rouge' it has pretty similar character plots.

Water for Elephants (2011)

Fishpond Australia, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Buy Books online: Water for Elephants, ISBN Sara Gruen

Picture from pbfingers.com. Another must read.

Water for Elephants

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen. Slightly different from the film in a way that is great. If you like circus things, this is a tops read.

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants

Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon in Water For Elephants, costumes Jacqueline West