Will see if this home made water bottle bong works or not

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Eco Friendly Water Bottle or Stash Jar, stained glass surfer waves psychedelic pot weed pipe bong herb smoke container apothecary

Mini Portable Bong - Material: Glass - Size: 13 x 6 x 3 cm - Items: Bowl, Water Bottle Cap, Base Metal - Color: Gold - Effect: Filter Tar & Nicotine DELIVERY TIME 10- 20 DAYS - 14 Day Money Back Polic

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The Knockout is the world's first combo beer bong. When you chug a beer with The Knockout, it works as a gravity bong and your bottle fills with smoke. It's the only bong in the world that combines drinking and smoking into one stylish product. The best thing about The Knockout is that it doubles as a portable, unbreakable, easy to clean water bubbler on any kind of bottle out there: beer bottles, water bottles, or pop bottles!

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I might try this big bong water bottle...

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