The Watchtower Society was guilty and exposed for secretly joining forces with a political institution, an action that would call for immediate excommunication of a low ranking member. It was also hypocritical because JWs are taught that the UN in this instance was one of satans tools, there was no apology and the WBTS lied about why they did it. It's sad people are so mislead.

The above is clearly FALSE DOCTRINE. - "The Watchtower Society teaches that ONLY THEY can interpret the Bible, and no individual can learn the truth apart from them. Jehovah's Witnesses are therefore encouraged to study their Bible ONLY in conjunction with the other Watchtower publications, so the Watchtower Society can tell them what it really means." - (Evidence Bible p. 1699)

Watchtower Society Scandal involving Menlo Park Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

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Notice the Teutonic Order Black Cross on the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watch Tower. “The Jehovah’s Witness organization is named over and over by survivors of trauma-based mind control for being involved, like the Mormon Church, in unspeakable mind control projects. The Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses are the same organization at the top level where the El-ders of the Mormons and the Watchtower Society operate a very different agenda to the one revealed to their followers.”[54]

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