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Tony and Wanda sometimes just take long drives to nowhere in particular, sometimes not sharing a word, just holding each others hand, and watching the world go by.

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"Why glitter?" I yelled. The man circled me, watching the glitter blend into the color of my skin. "Because," he said, "every girl deserves to sparkle."

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The Greatest TV Shows for Women

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She watched the fire burn. It was almost calming, but remembered why she had to let everything become ashes. She turned to leave this miserable memory. Grabbing her bag, she left. On the road once more, to search for nothing.

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Dying for her family, to protect them, would be the greatest death that Jade could ask for. (Deviant)

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"The strength of fire, The taste of salmon, The trail of the sun, And the life that never goes away, They speak to me."

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