You didn't stay up all night watching Merlin did you?

You didn't stay up all night watching Merlin did you? Actually yes I do every day and night ( from ) when I'm at my dads for the weekend lol!

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Now I kinda wanna watch Merlin.

Chicken... Necromancy... We can all see the connection<<< I laughed so much when I watched this.

We can all see the connection<< when I watched that scene I literally laughed out loud

Oh god, this makes me laugh every time. I love Merlin so much...I miss it too

I love how mouthy Merlin is to Arthur. Or, to everyone in general. :) Even though Arthur is the prince and could have merlin punished for his witty quips, Arthur just takes it because he knows that merlin is really his closest friend. Man i love these two

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My favorite scene in Merlin! I laughed so hard.

Colin Morgan<<I saw jethro before Merlin, so I'm just waiting for Merlin to say "we're stuck. IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE." Lol.

He will most likely be remembered as "that guy with the razor sharp cheekbones" <---- dude Tom Hiddleston has freakin cheekbones sharp enough to cut a hand. THEY ARE SO KAWAII

LOL!!! And someone tell me why someone wouldnt watch merlin...

um someone tell me why someone wouldnt watch merlin. >> Because they haven't seen it yet so they don't know how good it is.

Oh my... That's accurate

<< I actually watched a movie like this once. The groom figures out he's gay in the middle of his destination wedding by kissing the hot Italian cook.

Their relationship though<<<the platonic love between these two is the best

Their relationship though. I'm in both the doctor who and merlin fandom, but I have to agree, merlin wins

THAT IS TEEN WOLF!!!!!!!!   I mean don't get me wrong, I love merlin BUT.....

Perfect punishment Uther, Merlin and Arthur (does this count as Merthur ? I'm pretty sure it's a Teen Wolf quote)

Watch Merlin they said. It'll be fine they said. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE THAT?!?

She was the darkness to his light. Her insanity was so perfectly paralleled to his sorrow. Merlin loses everything, Morgana gives it all up in pursuit of power. The relationship between them is amazing. the pain of there relationship is soo heatbreaking

The picture that mad me want to watch merlin

Funny moment in Merlin! i love their relationship! they are so much like me and my best friends when we talk!This had to be one of my favorite scenes

I know how you feel Bradley. But I don't think he means it in a sad way like I do...<<<<MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IM HIIIIIIMMMMMM I wonder if durinng that interview or whatever Colin or Bradley put their hand on that poster with Merlin's hand and were like comparing sizes LOL

But I don't think he means it in a sad way like I do.>>it just me or he ashamed of the fact he played in merlin?

The four fandoms and what they have in common

"Shut up." "I didn't say anything." // Hang on, wait. Doesn't the Doctor have a scene like this? I could swear he did. Missouri tells Dean to stop sassing her and he totally says "I didn't say anything"!

merthur fanart | Try to look at your best friend like that- Merthur by FreakyFangirl97

I saw a gif, with the last to pics in it and was like, Merlin is his 'friend' why does he look at him like that, maybe Merlin has chocolate in his pocke. Try to look at your best friend like that- Merthur

I loved the moments in the series when Uther wastnt being a tryant, and him and arthur had moments like this - writren by Kylee Nason

I find Arthur beautiful :)