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Watching the wild St. Kilda penguins ∙ If you didn’t know already, the past year I transformed my business. In 2015, I started with online courses. In 2016 I took it even further, and it changes the way I travel, live, work and make money completely. ✈️ I love teaching and while traveling, it's such a rush to watch the money roll in after you’ve already done the hard work. And you can do it too! Stop daydreaming, researching and thinking about your course, but never actually taking ac...


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Tag Heuer Men’S Aquaracer Stainless Steel Watch (Wan2111.Ba0822)

Love the hair color!!! I think I actually have all of those colors too so I might try out that combo


Oh my fucking universe!! Give me the black one and you will be a duo fighter with me! " Okay Mabel!" *stands for a while and finds out what just happened. " Oh my god!" "what's it Mabel?" " You just gave me your sword!" "Yeah what is wrong with that?" "nothing but Kirito?" "yeah?" "LET ME LOVE YOU TILL YOU DIE!"


Yui is just sooooooo cute :)>> its would be cuter if they just put papa for the subs like she actually said

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Just the ticket for popping the question: The tree-lined romantic 'tunnel of love' railway line that's so beautiful it's beyond be-leaf (just watch out for the train)

It is said that couples can come here to make a wish and if they are sincere in their love it will come true


I doooooo! It's actually a really deep and moving anime in my opinion (especially compared to my OHSHC XD) , which is why I adore it so much.

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The starry night sky from underground: Incredible images of glow-worms which light up pitch-black caves

Magical: Tourists watch in wonder at the roof of glowworms in the caves of Waitomo in New Zealand