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I used to watch billy and mandy, ed edd and eddy, ben 10, dexters lab, fosters home, cowardly dog and Johnny Bravo


Papercrafted insects by Zim (Thibault Zimmermann & Lucie Thomas), a studio based in Nancy, France


Watching this since birth by blue-hats


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Womens watch ZIM, made in the USSR in 70 years. ZIM – excellent watches with a long history. Watch ZIM were produced from the late 30-ies of the last century on the Zavod imeni Maslennikova – what is the full name. In 1932-39 he worked at the factory, together with the French firm Lip, has been the release of the first pocket watches under the name of ZIM. During the war, of course, the factory switched to production for the war effort, and only after the victory had launched a full-fledged…