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Fight Club Workout / What it works: quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, abs and core. #fitness #workout #fightclub

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Pulp Fiction Vintage Movie Poster

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10 Essential Books from the Last 25 Years

I really disliked Fight Club. The movie as well. And most of Chuck Palahnuik's books too. I find his ideas to be cynical beyond reason, and the book itself devoid of any characters I sympathize with or truly want to follow. I find Palahnuik's world view far too tainted grey and black than it actually is, and although dramatizations and exaggeration can be useful in illustrating points sometimes, I find he takes it far beyond the extreme into the unpleasant and unecessary.

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Fight Club (1999)

จุกและหักมุม "Fight Club" > 1999 > Directed by: David Fincher > Comedy Drama / Black Comedy / Psychological Drama / Satire

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Latest tributes to Lewis Collins after The Professionals star loses cancer fight

The Professionals. Doyle on the left (the lovely Martin Shaw) and Bodie on the right (Lewis Collins).

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Fight Club - Alternative Posters for all your film news, reviews, features and more from blockbusters to indie films.

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John McCullough is a film theorist who specifically concentrated on the film Fight Club. He critically analysed the film and considered how the film reflected it's social context of masculinity in crisis. His views can be accessed through the following website:

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Fight club from

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Love Fight Club? Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about.
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