Elliot in school was both somehow a ghost and a star. When he walked the halls, he did so with confidence. Everyone would watch as he walked by. His name though, was only popular among the whispers of the other students. He didn't have any friends that stuck or was just using him, and he /definitely/ didn't have a significant other.

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(Be the super villain) I kept fighting I was an orphan no home I lived in the streets I know I was only ten but I was smart and a whole lot of other things cuz of the accident. And now I'm out to fight crime again I was known as Kid what I couldn't think of a good name. Anyways now I'm on my way to stop a robbery when a car pulls up "Devil heart?" I ask "get in I'm taking you to school"

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by Jacksonian22, via Flickr, Jackson Stack, granted free college education from his creative conceptual photography on Flickr; watch the inspirational video

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Golden Ages Cartoon. Kim Possible Danny Phantom My Life As A Teenage Robot American Dragon and Ben 10| YES!!!!

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