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Top 10 Amazing Photos Of The Beautiful Nature

¿Sabías que las abejas están desapareciendo? La polinización de las flores es vital para nuestra alimentación y para la biodiversidad, pero las abejas encargadas de esta misión peligran. Entre otros factores, mueren por la agricultura industrial y su uso de plaguicidas tóxicos. Seamos conscientes y pongamos nuestro granito de arena.

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How to Repel Wasps From Wood

Bumblebee collecting nectar. Bees LOVE this flower! // Great Gardens & Ideas //

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DIY Backyard Wasp Solutions

DIY Backyard Wasp Solutions • Great Ideas, Tips and Tutorials! • Learn the difference between wasps and bees and Don't Kill Bees! Explore this post and find effective ways to control wasps and learn how you can do this yourself!

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The difference between wasps, honey bees and yellowjackets..... And how to catch and trap yellow jackets.

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Bees Need You to Plant These 4 Flowers in Your Backyard NOW!

Bees Need You to Plant These 4 Flowers in Yourgarden. Includes a video about bees vanishing.

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Find any of these ground bees around the house lately? Call me and I'll take care of 'em for you!

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Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Wasps

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Wasps - Here are some ways to deter wasps from making nests near your house without resorting to harmful chemicals.