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George Washington's Presidency - Precedents and the New Republic

George Washington - Recreating "Washington's Inauguration" Painting

George Washington - Washington's Inauguration. Ramon de Elorriaga's "Washington's Inauguration" is one of the most recognized paintings in American history, as well as the first glimpse at our nation's fist president. "Washington's Inauguration" will be a great addition to your lesson on Washington's presidency, the beginning of the American government, and/or the presidency of the United States.

All About George Washington President's Day Activities

This activity packet is the perfect supplement to your George Washington unit. Printable classroom book, student printable books, and lots of oppor...

Election season is the perfect time to introduce kids to the way our government works, and how it got that way! This themed set includes our popular titles Washington, D.C., George Washington, Presidency, How America Works, and Constitution… at a 20% discount!

George Washington's Presidency - Precedents and the New Republic

This lesson is part 2 of a larger unit - Washington's Presidency Follow the link, purchase the entire unit and save big Washington's Presidency Common Core