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Best-Kept Secrets of Professional Painters

Apply a thin bead of paintable acrylic latex caulk only inside the crack where wood meets a wall for a smooth, professional appearance. Remove extra caulk with a putty knife. And buy a dripless caulk gun to save time and frustration. Cut the tip smaller than you think you need.


Alternatives to TSP for Cleaning the Walls Before Painting

How to Prep a Room for Paint like a Pro!

Tip #4: SWIFFER DUST ALL OF YOUR WALLS. {from 7 Things You Need to Do Before You Ever Pick Up a Paintbrush! {or how to prep a room for paint like a pro}

2 has more flooring options OR check out our Facebook - Grey Bedroom, love the 3 pictures! Awesome doing this in our bedroom!!


I like the colors, and the painting reminds me of the lg one I painted with roofing tar years ago. contemporary living room - white and pale earthy palette - artwork by Deborah Tarr