Makeup is something that, by its very nature, tends to lead to some mistakes. At some point or another, I’d wager that we’ve all massively screwed something up, whether it’s a winged liner, or a smoky eye, or some sort of highlight/contouring attempt. It’s cool! It’s just makeup. It washes off, you can start again, and, ultimately, it’s not all that important.

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It's not just about a great beauty routine, Pinners are making sure proper cleansing for their tools and brushes are part of the regimen for great skin too. Try this top Pinned quick & easy brush cleaning guide.

Brush cleaning 101. I found a good video tutorial for this as well by Michelle Phan on youtube. She suggests to use some olive oil and dawn dish soap, the oil helps to keep your brushes soft and not dried out from the soap.


Beginning of the month: Don't forget to clean your brushes.and remember, if you wouldn't clean your face with it, don't use it on your brushes? The Beauty Department: Your Daily Dose of Pretty. - HOW TO PROPERLY WASH YOUR BRUSHES interesting

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to clean those hard-working makeup brushes. To make sure you're being kind to those fine bristles, follow our simple cleaning tutorial.

How To: Wash Your Makeup Brushes the Right Way

Makeup brushes can harbor a lot of harmful bacteria that can lead to breakouts and acne. Make sure to wash your brushes regularly.

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DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner Archives Makeup tips and ideas. This really works, btw, I use this technique to clean off ny makeup brushes and it works wonderfully. Use anti bacterial dish soap to clean off your brushes fully

DIY Makeup Brush Cleaning Board | How to clean makeup brushes and how to wash makeup brushes at Youu2019re So Pretty |

15 Tips On How To Wash Your Makeup Brushes

DIY a makeup brush cleaning board. Use a clip board and a hot glue gun. Small dots are for eye shadow / smaller brush heads; bigger dots are for face powder/ bigger brush heads; the wave lines are for cleaning out the soap.

Prevention is the new treatment.

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Did you know that dirty makeup brushes can result in clogged pores, germs, wrinkles, and wasted money? Take a few minutes and whip up this easy, all-natural, and affordable homemade makeup brush cleaner. This homemade beauty product requires only five ingredients.

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Wondering how to clean your makeup brushes? We recommend washing makeup brushes with Mary Kay® Brush Cleaner at least once a month to make your brushes feel new and perform like new!

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Guide of Makeup Brush Cleaning - 12 Homemade DIY Makeup Brush Cleaners including our blending buds as found on website below