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Washi tape dispenser Storage Case / Masking Tape Organizer / Washi Tape Holder/Tape cutter, Stackable washi tape holder


Yes, we know, they are absolutely adorable. Just wait till you actually have one in front of you filled with washi tape!Each cute animal comes in two sizes. Large size holds 6-7 15mm rolls. Small size can have 1 - 15mm roll except polar bear and elephant small can hold two 15mm.Metal cutter.Designed in Japan.Large Elephant will be back in stock around 5/10. Penguin will be back in stock around 5/24. Polar bear will be back in stock 5/24.


How to Clean Your Washi Tape

How to Clean Your Washi Tape | Crafting in the Rain.. Whether you have a museum-style collection of washi tape or just a couple of rolls, and whether you have them laying in a drawer or all stored in a fancy tape dispenser, chances are one of them is going to roll off your table and end up on the floor.


VashiWashi Deluxe edition includes stainless steel cutter component assemmbled on a standard edition so it can transformed from holder to dispenser. #afflink