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90 Balayage Hair Color Ideas with Blonde, Brown and Caramel Highlights

pastel lavender wash out Pastel Lavender Wash Out Pastel hair is extremely feminine, that’s why the pastel hair trend has gained such a wide popularity. You may select any color you want and pair it with its complimentary tone. These lavender and strawberry ice hues are a lovely couple.

from W Magazine

Rainbow Colored Hair Dye Inspiration

Pink is far from the only option when dying your hair an unexpected color. Get inspired by the full spectrum of possibilities on


“From blonde to bronde! Mallory came in with washed out foil hilites with a 2 inch line of demarcation. I softened the line with a root color and blended…”

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Who Are You In Your Friend Group?

☁ Pastel ombre technique or ‘dip-dye’. The hair has been back-combed at the roots and bleach applied to all of the ends which lifts it to a pale yellow colour. The bleach is washed out, then a blue toner was applied which has since washed out of the most porous parts of the hair at the end.


The hairdresser in me says I shouldn't like this as its a washed out colour & bad roots... But I love it!

from Metro

Hair-stenciling is the new trend you're going to be obsessed with

The new hair stencilling trend was made popular by hair genius Janine Ker at Salon Aguayo. It’s a new dyeing technique involving the use of stencils and dye to create painted artworks right on top of the hair.


Inspiration photo on the left. visit 1: Bleach to a pale yellow.. (Which took twice, using OLAPLEX) Then 8rv permanent + clear Redken in equal parts with a splash of 6t shades EQ +10 vol applied to wet hair at the bowl for 20 min. shampoo, then toned with 6t and clear SEQ visit2: put 5n on roots with 10 vol for the shadow root about 2 inches out, washed after 35 minutes then at the bowl for the rose gold I applied shades eq cream 9cg + 7g and 10 vol on the towel dried hair for 20 minutes