Age about 15 - getting ready to go out shopping with my friends - spending ages carefully putting on black eyeliner and black lipstick only to be stopped from leaving the house by my dad who made me wash my face! Make-up, eyes, punk, goth, black

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Tried and tested: Later on Miranda changed into another outfit, sticking to her usual style of skinny jeans and a fitted jacket

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LIVE Pastel Spray Icy Blue, blue wash out hair dye

LIVE Pastel Spray Mint Green, green wash out hair dye

'How to Dye Hair With Coffee, Tea or Spices thumbnail. For when your dye washes out, or you've lightened your hair a bit too much'

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11699 Experiment with the latest trend of hair chalking using the new Color Rox Hair Chox kit from Fashion Angels Enterprises. This kit includes 5 cool colors of chalk in easy to grip holders so your hands don't get messy. Simply wet your hair and streak it with whatever color you want. Dye just the tips of your hair in a rainbow of colors or create ultra-bold streaks. Don't worry - the color will wash out with the next shampoo! Features: -Includes 5 hair An Amazan Fashion Store

Julianne Hough The Dancing with the Stars pro writes on her blog, "It was time to shake things up. So I went… PINK!!!! The world can always be more colorful!" This hue is one of the more subtle hair colors to try, but if you're still nervous, use a wash out hair dye like Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out in Pink Pop to give it a test drive before committing to permanent dye. -

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Make your own washable hair dye out of crayola markers. This dye completely washes out in 1 wash!

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