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Pictures of the year 2010: earthquakes, volcanoes and environmental disasters

A cavernous and almost perfectly round sinkhole swallowed an entire intersection in Guatemala City during a tropical storm. The hole is 66 feet across and plunges nearly 100 feet down. Geologists said that the circular shape suggested a cave formation underneath, but what exactly caused the sinkhole was still a mystery


Japan 9.0 earthquake ( Tohoku-chiho Taiheiyo-oki ) on March 11, 2011 held the secrets of another 'significant' "moment of magnitude" ( Mw ) Earth Event where parallel to Japan's eastcoast deep beneath the Western Pacific Ocean an entire suboceanic mountain range was splitting in-half ( south to north ) 310-miles long and splitting open 100-feet wide ( east to west ) that the public wasn't told about. Report:

Apparently Earth Was Built Around A Giant

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When I moved to Tokyo, more than 3 years ago I was really surprised that upon my walks I encountered so many shops still in business in really old buildings. Differently to Kobe, where the earthquake wiped out a lot of these old downtown houses and shops, in Tokyo they still survive. I chose the best reference pictures from the ones I took during my explorations and decided to make an illustration series of old Tokyo shopfronts. The, first piece of the series is an meat shop located in the…


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designboomin 2008, a huge earthquake in china’s sichuan province was the country’s deadliest in more than 30 years. designed by cai yongjie, the ‘wenchuan earthquake memorial museum’ pictured above takes the form of a ruptured landscape, where large subterranean buildings are topped with green roofs that ensure that the complex adopts an unobtrusive presence.


Mining town of Aberfan, Wales. In 1966, an incredible landslide composed of excavated rock, slag and other mining debris killed 144 people, including 116 children.


Living On The Edge: Australians Design House That Hangs Off Cliff

Australian prefab architecture specialists Modscape Concept have designed an exciting five story home that clings to a cliff’s edge. Aptly called Cliff House, the design was created in response to a growing number of clients exploring design options for living on extreme coastal plots in Australia. The modular home was inspired by the shape of barnacles clinging to a hull of a ship, and it extends off the side of a cliff, rather than sitting upon it.


13 Natural Disasters of Ancient Times in Antiquity

AlexandriaTsunami. On July 21, 365 AD, an earthquake occurred under the Mediterranean Sea. It is thought that the earthquake was centered near Greek island of Crete and that it was a magnitude eight or greater. It destroyed nearly all of the towns on the island. It would have also caused damage in other areas of Greece, Libya, Cyprus and Sicily.After the earthquake, a tsunami caused significant damage in Alexandria, Egypt and other areas.