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There was thunder the other day and I was in an English lesson, and someone was like "was that an earthquake?!" and I just turn 'round and say "that, my lad, was a dragon" and literally everyone lost their shit (I make waaaaay too many lotr/hobbit references at school) It was perfect!


"Achaean cult in Knossos, 15-14th Century BC", Giuseppe Rava. It is believed that Achaean warriors from the Mycenean Greek mainland conquered Minoan Crete in about 1400 BC, possibly following an earthquake and tidal wave that wiped out Cretan naval defences. Certainly Linear B Greek was introduced to Crete at this time, and traditional Minoan artistic themes were replaced by more martial themes and representations. Coinciding as this did with the collapse of the Minoan political order, this…

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10 of the World's Greatest Ruins

Petra, JordanRemember the Canyon of the Crescent Moon in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? It was fashioned after the monastery at Petra, a Nabataean city that flourished from prehistoric times until an earthquake brought it to ruin. Rediscovered in 1812 by Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt, the lost city has since become one of the seven new world wonders, and its complex systems and ornate facades—carved right into the rose-colored rock—are revered among archaeologists.

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Gigantor Lives!

The statue of Gigantor was completed near Shin-Nagata station in Kobe. The statue was built in an area of Kobe that was badly damaged during the Great Hanshin Earthquake of 1995. The statue is being seen as a sign of the area’s recovery.

Xi'an. Small Wild Goose Pagoda,situated in Jianfu Temple,is a historical legacy left by the Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD).

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Nasa blames a 'glitch' on image showing huge spikes in carbon monoxide

A satellite image that claims to show a spike in carbon monoxide has been doing the rounds on social media. Some people are warning that the spike, which is seen on February the 27th over the West Coast, could cause an earthquake in the region. The supposed spike in carbon dioxide is shown in purple

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Why Haiti deserves visitors

Five years after Haiti was devastated by an earthquake, tourists are slowly returning – to find a raw and vibrant Caribbean country steeped in voodoo, slavery and rare native art