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I Heart Thrones

((FC: Peter Dinklage)) Hello, I'm John. I train men and sometimes women, who are committed, into warriors. I live in the village and I work at a vegetable stand. I have a height defect so I am smaller than normal. I am always available so stop by if you like.

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how do u ever get into something where ur constantly learning new characters and can't get attached to any one. Sounds like a chore

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My survival secret? Red wine and Mars bars... Sir David Attenborough reveals how he keeps going

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Feminism- exactly. It has taken me years to even develop awareness of how much we have been impacted. I'm so glad younger women are aware NOW.

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There is a difference between football and rugby, don´t you think? A rugby player, George North.

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How many men have walked to their car alone with their keys between each finger in case of attack? #YesAllWomen

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