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(Board Cover) The year is 2200, and the world has been driven into chaos by the rise of various militias and terrorist organizations, but none larger than the Élan, a terrorist organization threatening worldwide anarchy. They have eliminated some of the most powerful world leaders, and they will stop at absolutely nothing for global domination. However, the Delacour Academy of Assassins is training people from all over the world, ages 15 and up, to become master assassins and fighters…


Propaganda posters for the Houses of Westerosi

The Game of Thrones extends to the hearts and minds of the people. This means propaganda! Thanks to these great designs by Olivia Desianti of Bruce Loves You we've some fantastic posters to plaster up around Westerosi.

The mighty sigils of Game of Thrones

Source of imagination and emotion during a very dark, unfeeling time in my life. VERY IMPORTANT.