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US Buy War Bonds (1940s). JAN16

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In service of our country 1941. She donned a uniform & went on fund raising tours

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When BBC TV began transmitting again, following the Second World War, they introduced a children's segment titled 'For The Children' in which the puppet Muffin The Mule originally appeared. However, 1950 was the year that children's television really came of age. It saw the birth of Watch With Mother, the brainchild of legendary Freda Lingstrom, who became Head of Children's Television at the BBC.

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1940s Fashion: The Decade Captured In 40 Incredible Pictures

Models On Bond Street, London, 1942 The wartime look in Britain became much more austere as the years went by. This was the first collection of Utility Dresses for Women, designed by Norman Hartnell in 1942, and showcased on a very quiet Bond Street.

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British WWII poster (Imperial War Museum)

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In pictures: RIBA celebrates architecture in film

Stanley Kubrick

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This shows how women were helping out during the war in multiple ways. One of the ways was by making bombs and other materials needed and filling in factory positions that the men had left behind when they had left to war. The second way that women helped during the war was by buying victory bonds and encouraging other people and women with loved ones at war to buy them as well.

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World's last flying Vulcan bomber faces £600k repairs... or the scrap heap

Avro Vulcan bomber

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Beautiful Hedy Lamarr on a war bond-selling tour during WWII

"Is He Your Child? You don't want this! Buy War Bonds before it's TOO LATE!" ~ WWII era poster of an American child wearing a cap with a Nazi insignia...Not propaganda at all :D

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