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Which Spice Girl Are You?

Answers the age old question from childhood Which Spice Girl Are You?

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Ellie Goulding is our January cover star!

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Yo! I'll tell you what I want / what I really really want — Spice Girls "Wannabe" lyrics (Illustration: A happy monday to the ones who sing in the shower, Happy Monday series by Simona Bonafini) | Poetry In Motion (Music) ♫

LETS SEE! ill do this in BTS-Rap mon is the absolute english speaker! there u have suga whos the wannabe-english-speaker-that-rlly-thinks-he-can-live-in-america. The aegyo master we all know is Jhope! the fail aegyo master is V for sure with his derp faces. And jimin, with those chocolate abs obviously always sleevless or non at all. Cute selca is most probably our handsome jin and suga!!

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