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Rainbow Spirit

Crystal healing uses crystal wands, here's my guide to using them


Selenite Selenite is a very calming and soothing energy. It's said to be the "Stone of mental clarity", enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening the ability to make good decisions. It is said to remove energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies. It helps to connect the physical and etheric or ‘light’ bodies. It has been used by Healers to align the spine and is thought to be good for the skeleton and spine.


Witch Wobblyknees and the Wibbly Wobbly Wand by Rosita Bird. Witch Wobblyknees is a bit of a recluse and too mean to replace her faulty wand. When she meets an old friend at a reunion event she is persuaded to get a new one ... if you want to know what happens next, you’ll have to read the book!

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Rowan, Ogham name Luis, rules 21st January to 17th February and its element is that of Fire. It is also known as "Quicken Tree" ~ the tree of life, in Norse it is called "Runa" meaning rune or charm for magic.