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Disney Fine Art artist Jimmy Mulligan was attending the University of California, Los Angeles, as a theatre major when he was hired to work in the art department of the Walt Disney Company. His projects there include concept design for both characters and theme park shows and attractions. "Imagination" is an Original Acrylic on Board, 24 x 18.

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L'empire Disney - Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar...

walt disney | empire Disney - Walt Disney Company, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar ...


If you ever feel like you made a bad decision, just remember when Walt Disney worked in a news room, his boss fired him due to his lack of creativity


They aren't in business to go broke. How many employees do they pay per hour? People need to worry about their own financial checks and balances and not fixate on anyone else's.


*BORN ON December 5, 1901 ~ in Chicago, Illinois, Walt Disney started a small animation studio in 1922, where he had a partner made one and two minute animated advertising films for distribtution to local movie theateres. By the 1930's, he forayed into feature length cartoons. Disneyland opened in 1955, and Walt Disney World, which was under construction at the time of his death, opened in 1971.


toys, New Jersey, A Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Toy Telephone made by the NN Hill Brass Company, circa 1930s. Tin and cardboard.

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Stages of Choosing A Disney Movie to Watch

walt-disney-screencaps-the-walt-disney-logo-walt-disney-characters-31872968-2560-1440.jpg (2560×1440) This is a really famous logo, the text shapes are so unique and make it easy to identify that it's Disney.