Walnut Whips ... they used to have a walnut in the bottom as well .. OMG I love them so much.

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The bare branches of the tree tapping and scraped on the kitchen window. She shuddered. Goosebumps shivered up and down her arms as ...

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All nostalgic retro items are wanted by the-toy-exchange - http://www.cash-for-vintage-toys.co.uk/

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Surprise Dad this Father's Day with a homemade gift full of his favourite sweet treats.

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Walnut whips are truly irresistable. Here's a rather grown-up version of the walnut whip from Hope and Greenwood: Sweets Made Simple, made using a gooey, coffee filling. They're a perfect sweet treat that we just can't resist.

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Walnut Whips are so popular one is eaten every 2 minutes in the UK alone! Walnut Whips are a cone shaped milk chocolate shell with a vanilla filling, all topped off with a full walnut.

When I was a kid I would give my Mum the walnut from the top because I thought they were bleuuuurgh !! lol

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