26 WTF Moments That Could Only Happen At Walmart

26 WTF Moments That Could Only Happen At Walmart---> picture 19 makes total sense guys to catch the Sasquatch you must BE the Sasquatch lmao

American Strongman ☆ hobia ★ Deine tägliche Portion Internet

Funny image of an American strongman trying to lift a rock and a crazy Russian grandmother carrying the same size rock on her head.

Wall Picture Collage DIY tutorial. This entire project was about $20. Items are:  *48 pictures printed at Walmart .09¢ each (x 48= $4.60) , * 2 - 20×30 black foam core boards ($3 x2 = $6), *Command brand Poster Strips ($2.50), *foam brushes (.97¢), *double sided tape ($2), *Mod Podge ($5),

This might be an interesting solution for my idea of pictures on the wall, and you can expand it as well when you have new photos.

Top 15 Funniest Pictures Of People vs.Walmart

So, I'm assuming these are from American Walmarts, 'cause you don't see that shit here (at least, I haven't seen anything like that at the ones I've gone to)<<< basically hell *loud screeching*