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Wall Trade Center

installator: “A crew installing Helen Frankenthaler’s painting Guiding Red, 1977…  in the mezzanine of World Trade Center II.“ (


April 4, 1973 - Opening Day of the World Trade Center Complex in NYC. My family and I visited this site just at the time when the twin towers were being completed! They were an amazing sight! It is difficult to wrap my mind around what happened to them and all of their inhabitants!

from Condé Nast Traveler

7 Most Beautiful Places to Take Photos in New York City

If you find yourself in Lower Manhattan, make sure to stop by the corner of Fulton and Nassau Streets. The intersection offers a direct view of the One World Trade Center, which lines up perfectly in the middle of the street.

from Mail Online

Meet Bretagne, the last surviving rescue dog from Ground Zero

Bretagne, a golden retriever, was just two when she and her owner, Denise Corliss, were sent from Texas to relieve search teams in New York.