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Classic Canes Ash Knobstick - Reduced Scorched and Polished A traditional British walking stick the knobstick is made from coppiced wood usually ash


Walking Sticks / Staffs... These are making a huge comeback! I don't think they were ever truly gone just that it's much easier to walk into a store and purchase a pre-made cane. Walking sticks can be customized to the individual and are almost always so much more comfortable and easy to use than a manufactured walking cane.


Scrimshaw Canes and Walking Sticks

The truth embodied in the Buddhas Of the future, present, past; The teaching we received from the Fathers of our faith Can be found at the tip of my stick.......................................Goku Kyonen, died October 8, 1272, at age 56


Rowan wood Wizard staff with very energetic natural twist . Hand made in Wales UK

Rowan wood Wizard staff with very energetic by JackInTheGreenwood