People don't generally think of Disney characters as particularly scary. I don't know really?

DeviantART user Kasami-Sensei has re-envisioned the sweet and innocent protagonists of several Disney films in the style of zombie hunters (and a zombie) from The Walking Dead.

It may be all over for The Walking Dead, but you can still take a real close look at Daryl Dixon's motorcycle. We've got the full story behind the design and build (plus lots more shots) at

The Walking Dead: The Daryl Dixon Motorcycle

The walking dead funny meme

But why do I like negan more than I liked the governor? Negan is so much worse then the governor was.

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McFarlane AMC Walking Dead DEPUTY RICK GRIMES Series 1 Action Figure NIP

Grrrrr... love to hate him but love him all the same! GREAT ACTOR!

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