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Maggie Rhee (TV Series)

Maggie Greene only daughter of Hershel and Josephine Greene, Half-Sister to Beth and Step-Sister to Shawn ~ The Walking Dead

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[Spoilers Up to 7x08] Character Status Chart for Entire Series

TWD top 10 Characters with most on-screen kills all seasons! (Interesting sh*t)

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TWD top 10 Characters with most on-screen kills/season plus kills for all seasons combined. My favorite thing is how Glenn is in all of these and yet he never killed one human.

I felt so sorry for Maggie on this part ),: and Carl sometimes i miss lori too for Carl. He needs her sometimes but wont show it

Maggie Greene & I believe a real baby. I saw an interview & they said when she did this scene & walked out holding Lori's baby that it was actually a real baby

46 Daryl GIFs That Prove He's the Man on 'The Walking Dead'

"Of all the comrades ever I had, they are sorry for my going away. " ( 'The Parting Glass') Daryl & Beth, heartbreak.

.TWD. It's nice to see them all happy and loving. On the show all it is is sadness and blood mixed with death.

Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene, Laurie Holden - Andrea, Emily Kinney - Beth Greene and Steven Yeun - Glenn Rhee, etc - The Walking Dead Cast