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I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things

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Never forget that walking away from something unhealthy is brave - even if you stumble a little on your way out the door.

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That's for sure some funny quote .. The best way is to walk away and move on with someone that appreciate everything you do for them ..

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walk away, withdrawal.. heal

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The clarity you gain with hindsight. . Wish I had walked away years ago....

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If you are giving a person multiple chances then they didn't respect you to begin with. You just have to know that has NOTHING to do with YOU. That's all them. Be kind even if they aren't.

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Sometimes walking away is the only option Sometimes walking away is the only option. Not because you want to make someone miss you, or realize they took you for granted. But because you finally respect yourself enough to know that you deserve better. — Unknown Author

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I really fucking did but you wanted your social media chat buddies that only want you for the pics you send them late at night!!!

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