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Walker (Chuck Norris) and Alex (Sheree J. Wilson) finally tie the knot, on a special two-hour season Walker, Texas Ranger - Season 8, Episode 25 - Wedding Bells (2)


Did you know "Walker, Texas Ranger" was shot in Austin? If it's good enough for #chucknorris , it's good enough for us!


Clarence Gilyard Jr. as James “Jimmy” Trivette on Walker Texas Ranger The Show “Walker Texas Ranger”, Cast, Pictures, and Trivia!

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If I were in Walker, Texas Ranger, I would be Alexandra Cahill Walker.

Which Walker, Texas Ranger Character Are You? | BrainFall


Walker, Texas Ranger featured Chuck Norris as Cordell Walker, a Texas Ranger based in Dallas. Walker himself was part Cherokee (as is Chuck Norris) and was raised by his Cherokee uncle Ray Firewalker (played by the late, great Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman, who was Sioux). I LOVED THIS SHOW