17 Lessons Walker Evans Has Taught Me About Street Photography

Walker Evans, Alabama Tenant Farmer Wife (Allie Mae Burroughs), Look her worn yet lovely face. Sheʻs seen some hard times.

Walker Evans Depression | Walker Evans | Photography and the Great Depression

Walker Evans

magictransistor: “Walker Evans, Dock Workers (Carton Beal’s ‘The Crime of Cuba’), Havana, ”

Walker Evans [Self-portrait on Roof of 441 East 92nd Street, New York City]

Walker Evans [Self-portrait on Roof of 441 East Street, New York City]. Other photographers Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Diane Arbus, and Lee Friedlander are among the most significant later photographers who have acknowledged their debt to Evans

On the subway, by Walker Evans.   Evans once said, "With the camera, it’s all or nothing. You either get what you’re after at once or what you do has to be worthless."

Walker Evans Is Watching

Walker EVANS :: Chair Reflection in Mirror, 1973-74

[Chair Reflection in Mirror] Walker Evans (American, St. Louis, Missouri New Haven, Connecticut) Date: Polaroid