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In other words I'm gonna walk away after bringing you down with every stinging word that comes out of my mouth


Trisha Yearwood - Walkaway Joe ~ w/Don Henley ~ a young Matthew McConaughey made his debut on this video :D


I've known a girl since second grande and she isn't 1/3 as close to knowing me as well as you do. You've always been there for me. I can trust you with my secrets. I can cuddle you when we need cuddles. And I've only known you two years. Time really doesn't matter.


Those we love don't go away. I can still smell you when I hug your stuffed animals on the bed. I still feel you when I swing on your swing set. I still say rise and shine at granny's when I go into your room on the weekends. I love you so much and am longing for the day you will break free and be back in our life. I will never give up until I am not breathing anymore.


Only Joe Walker could do a scene/musical number like this and still walk away with a shred of dignity.


Real-life Grave of the Fireflies: (Photo) Stoic Japanese orphan, standing at attention having brought his dead younger brother to a cremation pyre, Nagasaki, by Joe O’Donnell 1945 The sad story in the comments. :(