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I land, breathing heavily after such a furious flight. I try and whip around when I hear footsteps but something grabs my wing and cuts a deep slash into the already injured wing. The person behind me laughs. "Thought you had escaped didn't you?" They taunted. "Well we're just getting started testing in you" They squeeze my wing until I pass out from pain. I wake in my old cell right as the person who had caught me walks in and smirks (Open rp just jump in)

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Avenged Sevenfold (frecuentemente abreviado como A7X) es una banda estadounidense de heavy metal originaria de Huntington Beach, California, fundada en 1999. Avenged Sevenfold comenzó como una banda de género metalcore con su álbum debut Sounding the Seventh Trumpet de 2001 y más tarde con su segundo álbum Waking The Fallen de 2003, en el que The Rev y M. Shadows utilizaron el estilo vocal screaming en muchas canciones de este álbum.

"I've destroyed worlds for you, why would I stop now? Now, when you're so close to the end?" | The Deceiver - the fallen god of discord and lies

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Three Rivers Deep

*** Three Rivers Deep (book series) "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." synopsis: pic source: tumblr

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NWO and the United States: Vatican's climate change agenda & the mark of...